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Keen Track is a leading provider of security solutions for vehicles and homes, renowned for our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Specializing in cutting-edge car security products, we offer a variety of options including car alarms, Car GPS tracking systems and Car dashboard cameras to ensure vehicle safety.

Additionally, Keen Track provides comprehensive home security solutions such as CCTV surveillance and access control systems. Our expert team delivers personalized solutions tailored to individual needs, guaranteeing a safer and more secure future for both vehicles and homes.

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Car Track Systems

Experience peace of mind with Keen Track's cutting-edge tracking service. Whether it's securing your vehicle on the road or keeping a watchful eye on your car, our advanced GPS tracking technology ensures you're always in control. With real-time updates and customizable alerts, you can track your assets with precision, deterring potential threats and enhancing the security of what matters most to you. Trust Keen Track to provide reliable tracking solutions, giving you the confidence to navigate the world while keeping a virtual eye on your valuable possessions.

Car Alarm System

Elevate your vehicle's security with Keen Track's state-of-the-art car alarm system. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to provide an impenetrable shield for your automobile, combining sensitivity and intelligence to detect potential threats swiftly. Our car alarm system not only acts as a deterrent but also ensures you are instantly alerted to any suspicious activity. With Keen Track, your vehicle's safety is our top priority – giving you the confidence to leave it parked securely, knowing that our advanced alarm system is standing guard. Drive with peace of mind, knowing Keen Track has your back.

CCTV Cameras

Experience unparalleled security with Keen Track's advanced CCTV camera system. Our cutting-edge surveillance technology provides a vigilant eye on your property, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and recording of activities. Equipped with high-definition cameras and intelligent features such as motion detection and remote access, our CCTV system allows you to keep a watchful eye on your home or business from anywhere in the world. Trust in Keen Track for a robust and reliable solution that not only acts as a deterrent but also serves as a powerful tool for evidence collection. Safeguard what matters most with our state-of-the-art CCTV camera system, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Grade Booster

The best car alarm and tracker installers I have interacted with so far. Excellent customer service! I am a happy customer. Keep up.

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Classis Dredlocks Salon NRB

Great and reliable,keep it up

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Florence Welch

I would recommend the Keentracker .They have a very passionate team and they give you the best service and after service .They install the tracker at your convinient time and location.I really recommend the company for all your tracking needs.

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Martin Martinez

I got my car fitted there the services are super duper cool given a chance I'd choose and recommend you guys.
Bravo for the great team and quick response 👍👏

car track & car alarm
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Discover The Magic of Surveillance

Unveil a realm of heightened security and control with Keen Track as you "Discover The Magic of Surveillance," where technology seamlessly merges with peace of mind.

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Our innovative solutions transform the concept of surveillance, transcending it into a seamless blend of technology and peace of mind. Experience the enchantment of real-time monitoring, intelligent alerts, and the power to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings like never before. With our cutting-edge surveillance systems, we redefine the meaning of safety, offering you a magical sense of control over your spaces. Trust Keen Track to unveil the magic of surveillance, where technology and security converge to create a world of unprecedented protection and confidence.

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  • Car Alarm Installation
  • Cut out & immobilizer
  • Fuel Monitoring System
  • Dashboard Cameras
  • CCTV Systems
  • Door Bells & Video Intercoms
  • Home Alarm Systems
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