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Buy anti-theft Car Alarm System online in Kenya

An anti-theft car alarm system is a security device designed to deter theft or unauthorized access to a vehicle. These systems typically consist of various sensors and components that detect specific actions or conditions indicating potential theft, such as unauthorized entry, tampering with the vehicle, or attempts to start the engine without a valid key.

Features of Keen Track Anti-theft Car Alarm System

  1. Remote Control: Our anti-theft car alarm systems come with a remote control or key fob that allows the owner to arm, disarm, or activate the alarm system from a distance. This feature adds convenience and enhances security by providing quick access to the system's functions.

  1. Immobilizer: our advanced anti-theft systems include an immobilizer feature that prevents the engine from starting. This makes it nearly impossible for thieves or anyone to hot-wire or start the vehicle without authorization.

  1. Sensors: Keen Track anti-theft car alarm systems are equipped with various sensors strategically placed around the vehicle. These sensors detect different types of activity, such as movement, vibration, or changes in the vehicle's position. Common sensors include:

    • Shock Sensors: Detect impacts or sudden movements, such as someone attempting to break a window or force open a door.
    • Motion Sensors: Detect movement within the vehicle's vicinity, triggering the alarm if someone tries to enter or tamper with the vehicle.
  1. Siren or Horn: When triggered, the anti-theft system activates a loud siren or horn to attract attention and alert nearby individuals to the attempted theft. The intensity and duration of the sound may vary depending on the cause of the trigger.

An anti-theft car alarm system is a valuable investment for any vehicle owner looking to enhance the security and protection of their vehicle against theft and unauthorized access. Majority of insurance companies in Kenya offer discounts on premiums for vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices, potentially saving owners money on insurance costs. Our car alarm system provide an effective defense against potential threats and offer peace of mind for car owners.

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