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Car cut out price in Kenya

A car cut out, also known as an engine cut-off switch or simply a cut-off switch, is a safety device installed in vehicles to prevent unauthorized use or theft. It allows the owner to disable the engine's ignition system, effectively stopping the engine from running. This feature can be particularly useful in deterring theft, as it renders the vehicle inoperable even if the thief manages to start the engine. Car cut-outs are often integrated into advanced car alarms or tracking systems, providing an additional layer of protection for the vehicle and its contents.

Types of Cut out and Price

  • Standalone cut out: this is the standard type of cut out that is not embedded on other car security systems. It works directly by cutting off ignition or fuel power thus the car cannot start unless you press the cut out switch. The price for this is Ksh. 2,500
  • Alarm System Cut out: this is and advanced car cut out system that is linked with the car alarm system. The cut out is triggered by the alarm system either before or after ignition. For the pre ignition you must press the cut out button before starting the car. For the post ignition, the alarm activates the cut out a few minutes after you start the car. Price for this is 6,000
  • Tracking Cut out: this cut out system is linked with the car tracking system. It is the most sophisticated cut out of all. You can control this cut out system remotely on your phone. You can activate or deactivate through your phone without distance limitation. Price for this is Ksh. 10,000

Please not it is important to seek professional advice from a reputable service provider about the most appropriate cut out system for your car. At Keen track, we are professionals in this field. We offer free consultation to all our customers. We also do installations of car security systems all over the country. 

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