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Key features of vehicle tracking system

Welcome to Keen Track, the number #1 car tracking service provider in Kenya. We offer high quality car tracking services to help individuals and businesses secure their investments. 

A vehicle tracking system (VTS) is a technology that allows the monitoring and tracking of vehicles in real-time. Here are some key features typically found in our vehicle tracking systems:

Real-time Tracking: Provides real-time location information of vehicles, allowing fleet managers or owners to know the exact location of their vehicles at any given time.

Geofencing: Allows users to create virtual boundaries or geofences on a map. When a vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, the system triggers alerts, helping monitor unauthorized movements or deviations from designated routes.

Historical Data Analysis: Stores historical data related to vehicle movements, routes taken, and stoppages. Analysis of this data can help in optimizing

Speed Monitoring: Monitors vehicle speed in real-time and generates alerts when vehicles exceed predefined speed limits. This feature helps in promoting safe driving practices and reducing the risk of accidents.

Integration with Mobile Devices: Provides mobile applications or web-based interfaces for users to access tracking information from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Customizable Alerts: Allows users to set up customizable alerts for various events such as unauthorized vehicle use, maintenance reminders, or route deviations. Alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or push notifications.

Reporting and Analytics: Generates detailed reports and analytics on various aspects of fleet operations, including fuel usage, driver performance, and overall efficiency. These insights help in making informed decisions and optimizing fleet management strategies.

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