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GPS Car Tracker and Immobilizer Installation

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GPS Vehicle Tracker And Immobilizer Specs:
  • Real-Time Tracking: This feature provides accurate real-time location updates of your vehicle on a map
  • Historical Playback: This feature enables you to access route playback for the last 6 months on a map.
  • Immobilize Remotely: This feature lets you remotely switch the car ON or OFF via the tracker. This feature can be helpful in case of theft, as you can immobilize the car remotely to prevent the thief from getting away.
  • Phone App and Web Online Platforms: This feature allows you to track your car via an app on your phone, web browser, or computer from anywhere at any time. This feature makes it convenient for you to access the tracking information and receive alerts on the go.
  • Geo-Fencing: This feature allows you to set virtual geographical borders and receive alerts whenever your car enters or leaves the geofenced areas. This feature can help monitor your vehicle's usage or prevent unauthorized usage.
  • App & Email Alerts: This feature provides alerts for various events related to your car, such as; Engine ON and OFF/Over-speeding/Fatigue driving alert.
  • Reports: This feature enables you to generate reports based on parameters such as moving overview, mileage reports, speeding reports, trip reports, engine reports, and alert reports. These reports can provide valuable insights into your vehicle's usage, helping you optimize it. The car tracking system generates various types of reports.

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