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Car track system installation Nairobi

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Car track system


Take control of your vehicle's security and monitoring with our state-of-the-art Car GPS Tracker. Designed to provide real-time tracking, precise location monitoring, and comprehensive security features, this advanced device offers peace of mind for vehicle owners and fleet managers alike. Key Features:
  1. Real-Time Tracking: Keep tabs on your vehicle's whereabouts with live, real-time tracking capabilities. Access precise location data from anywhere, anytime, using our user-friendly mobile app or web interface.
  2. Geofencing: Set up virtual boundaries or geofences around specific areas and receive instant alerts when your vehicle enters or exits these designated zones, allowing you to monitor movement and ensure compliance.
  3. History Playback: Review historical data and playback the route traveled by your vehicle over a specific period, providing valuable insights into usage patterns, driving behavior, and asset management.
  4. Speed Monitoring: Set speed limits for your vehicle and receive alerts when it exceeds the predefined thresholds, helping you monitor and control driver behavior, ensure safety, and prevent speeding violations.
  5. Tamper Alerts: Receive instant notifications if the GPS tracker is tampered with or removed from your vehicle, providing an added layer of security and ensuring continuous monitoring and protection.
  6. Remote Engine Shutdown: With remote engine shutdown capabilities, you can remotely immobilize your vehicle in the event of theft or unauthorized use, preventing further movement and aiding in recovery efforts.
  7. Battery Backup: Equipped with a built-in battery backup, our GPS tracker ensures continuous operation even in the event of power loss or disconnection, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and security coverage.
Invest in the ultimate vehicle tracking and security solution with Keen Car GPS Tracker. With a comprehensive suite of features, reliable performance, and seamless integration, you can trust our GPS tracker to provide unparalleled peace of mind and protection for your vehicle or fleet. Don't leave your vehicle's security to chance – upgrade to our GPS tracker today and take control of your vehicle's safety and monitoring like never before.


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