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Mini Car GPS Tracker

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Mini car tracker in Kenya


Are you tired of constantly worrying about where your car is parked or how it's being used when you're not around? Say goodbye to those concerns with the Mini Car GPS Tracker from Keen Track! This compact yet powerful device offers you peace of mind by allowing you to keep tabs on your vehicle's location and movement at all times. Features of our mini car gps tracker

Real-Time Tracking:

Car trackers provide real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing users to monitor their location, speed, and direction of travel remotely.


Geo-fencing enables users to define virtual boundaries or zones on a map. When the vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, the car tracker sends alerts to notify the user of the event.


Advanced car trackers may include immobilization capabilities, allowing users to remotely disable the vehicle's engine in case of theft or unauthorized use.

Tamper Detection:

Car trackers often feature tamper detection mechanisms to prevent unauthorized removal or disabling of the device. Tamper alerts are sent to the user if any tampering activity is detected.    


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