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Kenya best car alarm price

Original price was: KSh6,999.00.Current price is: KSh6,000.00.

Best Car Alarm


Keen Track stands out as the leading provider of affordable and high-quality car alarm systems in Kenya. We have revolutionized vehicle security solutions, ensuring that every customer can enjoy peace of mind and enhanced security for their vehicles.

Features of our car alarm system

  1. Remote Keyless Entry: Allows users to lock and unlock their vehicle doors from a distance using a remote control
  2. Audible Alarm: Emits a loud siren sound when the alarm is triggered, deterring potential thieves and alerting nearby individuals.
  3. Immobilizer: Prevents the engine from starting if an unauthorized attempt is made to start the vehicle, enhancing theft prevention.
  4. Shock Sensors: Detects impact or vibrations on the vehicle, triggering the alarm in case of attempted break-ins or tampering.
  5. Panic Button: Provides an emergency button on the remote control that activates the alarm, alerting others and drawing attention in case of immediate danger.
  6. Battery Backup: Ensures the alarm system remains operational even if the vehicle's main battery is disconnected or tampered with.

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